Effective Ways to Help Reduce Your Heating Bill

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There are lots of ways to help reduce your heating bill, but I thought I'd kick off our blog with some effective ways to help reduce your heating bills.

Turn down your thermostat
Turning your thermostat to a lower setting can greatly reduce the useage of your boiler. Experiment with a setting that keeps rooms warm enough without being too uncomfortably cool.

Buy thicker curtains
A lot of heat escapes through windows. By using thicker curtains, you can prevent a lot of that heat escaping.

Switch to a smaller energy provider
If you're getting your energy from one of the "big six" energy companies, you're probably paying more for your gas than you would if you used one of the smaller independent companies. The answer is quite simple: the smaller companies are exempt from the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, which costs around 50 per household. This saving is usually passed onto their customers. They also tend to have less overheads than the bigger companies.

Turn off your heating at night, but a thicker duvet
A good quality duvet will keep you warm through the night even if your heating isn't on. Set your timer to go on a bit later than usual (e.g. move it from 4AM to 6AM to come on) and you'll still have a warm night.

Hot drinks, hot food
Keep yourself warm from within - regular hot drinks and hot food can help you to keep warm.

Article kindly provided by Centra Heat